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9 energising African songs and rhythms, guaranteed to leave you feeling alive and stimulated.

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About the album

Preview the album in the Youtube video below:

  • A mix of slow, foot-stomping beats, hypnotic poly-rhythms, mid-tempo dances and blistering high speed solos.
  • Bursting with the power and presence that only African drums can offer
  • Rhythms and songs that are part of Africa's history, played by true masters of the art.

The CD cover
A selection of the instruments used on the album The following instruments were used:
  • djembe
  • dun dun (bass drums)
  • cowbells
  • shekere (shakers)
  • ashiko drums
  • congas
  • triangles
  • singing (minimal)
  • clave

Recorded in South Africa

Album producer and drumming instructor Al Paton The album was recorded at Urban Mix Studios in Cape Town and features some of Africa's best drummers, produced by Al Paton.

Paton is a drum teacher with the world's largest interactive drumming company, Drum Cafe, has been teaching African drumming for the last 10 years.

This African drumming album will leave you feeling alive and stimulated, we guarantee it!

The powerful, primal rhythm is instantly ear-catching, while its raw energy sends your heart racing, making you want to move along to the beat.

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This African drumming cd is available to download right away as mp3 files.

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Genuine, hard-to-find African drumming magic. Enjoy!
  • Hear the spectacular talent of master musicians
  • Let the magic of drumming take you away!
  • Enjoy a piece of the thriving music scene of Africa

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