African Drumming

Caring For Your Hands

Beginners can find playing African drums painful to the hands. This should ease within a few weeks of regular playing as the hands become accustomed to it.

Even regular players will have tender hands after a long session and with excessive playing painful cracks in the skin can develop.

Remember the following:

  • Remove rings, watch and jewellery before playing.
  • Some tenderness of the hands is to be expected in beginners, but rest if playing becomes overly painful.
  • If you require more protection, wrap porous plaster around the tips of the fingers to absorb some of the impact. This can also prevent them from drying out and can be used to protect any cracks or wounds.
  • Drink water! Keep yourself hydrated to assist the kidneys in repairing damage to the hands.
  • Use a moisturising cream such as arnica oil to soothe and repair hands.
  • Regular short sessions, rather than infrequent and long ones are better for the hands.

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